Saturday, November 11, 2006

Armada logo

Here's the Armada logo, it's not 100% done, but it'll do for now.

Friday, November 10, 2006

ARMADA blog release

Welcome to my blog. This is all about the project 'Armada', witch consists of ideas from my mind thrown in. This first post will tell you a bit about 'Armada'.

Armada is set in an Apocalyptic age, 2176, to be exact. The population of earth expanded at a constant high rate, therefor requiring new habitation areas, so Man expanded to other planets, though after a few, they weren't mainly for civilian purposes; but military.

so far, the current factions are:
  • GPDF – Galactic Planetary defense Force
  • EC – European Coalition
  • GSF – German Special Forces
  • SUL – Soviet Union Legions
  • KDA – Korean defense Army
  • CRA – China’s Red Army
Yes, there are many, many more ideas, but they are in development.
I'll keep this blog updated on a regular basis, so keep in touch.